Iced Mocha Recipe-How to Make an Iced Mocha

  A delicious iced mocha recipe for you! Try it, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it! You can also try this mocha frappuccino if you’d like a blended version. This iced mocha recipe is not “blended”, but iced. So you do not need a blender, just whole or crushed ice! It is very quick and […]

Amazing Greens Iced Mocha

I’ve been buying Amazing Grass Green Superfood off Amazon for a couple years now. I’ll be honest, I’m not going to say that I can necessarily feel a difference when I’m using it, BUT I feel a little better knowing I’m getting a little extra healthy greens in my diet on a regular basis that […]

Irresistible Mocha Frappuccino Recipe!

It’s so easy to make your own mocha frappuccino at home and save some money! I don’t usually have syrups here at home to use for sweetening, so instead I use vanilla extract to add to the flavor if I’m just making a mocha frappuccino, or I use real peanut butter for a simply divine […]

White Chocolate Mocha Recipe-Heavenly Hot Drink!

It’s officially fall and the days and nights are getting cooler. This is probably the time, if you’re an iced mocha drinker, that you might switch to hot mochas. There are so many flavors of mocha recipes, but one of my favorites and a popular one among espresso stand frequenters, is a White chocolate mocha. […]

White Chocolate Mango Iced Mocha

  So here’s a different mocha recipe. I was making my morning espresso drink and spied my DaVinci Mango Syrup that we mainly use for the kids milk or smoothies, and I thought “Raspberry mochas taste great, why not try another kind of fruit?”  I figured it would taste best with white chocolate, so heres […]

Andes Mint Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

Chocolate and mint together is a wonderful thing. So I found these Andes Chocolate Mint pieces and decided to try them for a new frappuccino recipe. Delicious! So here it is: Andes Chocolate Mint Mocha Frappuccino First you start out with putting approximately 8 ice cubes into the blender. Then pour in 2 cold shots […]

Peanut Butter M&M Frappuccino Recipe

Peanut butter m&ms are one of my absolute favorite candies! I buy one of those big bags, because, well, the small bag would be gone in one bite! The problem is, I end up eating most of the bag by myself, usually in one day and then I end up with a stomach that is […]

How to Make an Iced Coffee at Home-Easy Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced coffee is an excellent drink for hot summer days. I never did understand how people could drink hot coffee on a hot day. Both my parents do it, and I know many other people do too. Strange, people, very strange! So anyway, you want to know how to make an iced coffee at home? […]

Best Espresso Machines Under $300

Since is a popular place to buy and check reviews on items, and one of my favorite places to shop online,¬† I decided to put together a sortable list of some of the best rated espresso machines I could find for under $300. Now, understand, from my research, Espresso machines under $300 are probably […]

Vanilla Cinnamon Frappuccino Recipe with Cinnamon Chips!

I just finished off this amazing frappuccino a little while ago. I bought several different kinds of baking chips and candy bars and stuff to use for coffee experimentation the other day. I found these cinnamon chips (like chocolate chips only cinnamon). I’ve had a vanilla cinnamon frappuccino¬† before, but I thought it would be […]